Evolutionary Technology

Cardiac Markers is launching breakthrough technology that can change millions of ECG wearables into precision medical devices. Cardiac Markers is based in the heart of the world’s leading health technology innovation cluster, Minnesota’s Medical Alley. Going beyond the simple watch, Cardiac Markers has developed proprietary software which enhances the abilities to capture diagnostic data from single lead ECG devices. The keystone measurement of our algorithm is QTVariability Index (QTVI). This algorithm can be utilized daily for sleep apnea, traumatic brain injury and sport physiology. The QTVariability Index is well documented as a direct measurement of the autonomic nervous system.

The Cardiac Markers software identifies P waves, and screens for atrial fibrillation, calculates HRV: RMSSD and pNN50, QTc and, QT Variability Index. QT Variability Index measures the heart’s ability to contract effectively.

Data Is downloaded from the Smartwatch or Holter to the user’s smartphone or tablet and forwarded to the Cardiac Markers ECG cloud-based analyses server. Data analyses are automatically processed and a real- time report is sent to the user’s email or directly to their doctor.

The Cardiac Markers analysis report indicates a normal or abnormal finding for all measured metrics. This color-coded report assists in analyzing a patient’s cardiac condition.