QTVariability Index Technology on Your Wrist

Software Turning Smart Watches into Advanced Cardiac Monitors

QTVariability Index (QTVI)

  • QTVI measures the repolarization of the left ventricle.

  • Compromised repolarization is an indicator of cardiac problems.

  • The QTVI measurements change as the cardiac condition and the autonomic nervous system changes.

Promising Applications

Our unique and valuable features include….

  • The most advanced single-lead ECG smartwatch data analysis

  • Cardiac Markers Software detects P waves, PR Interval, QT, QTc, HRV: RMSSD and pNN50, and QTVI

  • Cloud-based algorithm produces valuable cardiac screening information in seconds, storing the data to client-specific accounts
  • Cloud data analysis allows for patient and provider confidentiality, complying with HIPPA privacy requirements

Our proprietary software makes the practice of self-health easier

  • You can easily monitor your heart health from anywhere that has internet access

  • Automatic annotated ECG report indicates when you need to call your medical provider

  • Easily emailed PDF file can take full advantage of telehealth care with our software

Within seconds our Cardiac Markers software provides a report with summarized color-coded cardiac information

Monitor Image Graph

Who Benefits

Both Telehealth providers and patients will benefit. We record, analyze, and send an annotated report to the patient and their doctor within seconds of sending the email data to our cloud server.

Forefront of Development

QTVI software is in Phase II testing with strong positive results

  • At home/clinical testing is automated for QTVI

  • Great opportunity for home monitoring or smart watch companies

  • No change needed with ECG smart watches to record QTVI.

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